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Daniel K. Wepryk Foudation
Scholarship Recipients

Each year, the foundation selects a scholarship recipient from Downingtown East High School and Downingtown West High School, in which we provide tuition assistance for a graduating senior. Students apply for the scholarship by submitting an essay about addiction along with their school transcripts and teacher recommendations. The recipients, carefully chosen by our board members, must demonstrate traits of COURAGE, STRENGTH, AND HOPE. These three pillars are important to our foundation because they represent the qualities that Danny lived every day of his young life. 

Take a look at what some of our winners are up to!

Emily Feeney.jpg


Quinnipiac University | Health Sciences ’23

NCAA Division I Women’s Lacrosse Team Member

My name is Emily Feeney, I am going to be a Junior at Quinnipiac University. I am majoring in health sciences on the PA track. I am a member of the women’s lacrosse team at QU and love all sports, especially football. I also love music and can play almost any instrument!


Penn State University | Undecided

My name is Bianca Reno and I am currently attending Penn State University at University Park. My major is currently undecided. I am the secretary of the Penn State Star Wars club as well as an active member of the PSU Outing Club and PSU Sunny State club. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, rock-climbing, driving my Subaru, reading, and building balanced rock towers at the Penn State Arboretum!

Bianca Reeno.jpg
Camryn Krumbhaar.jpg


Temple University University | Neuroscience

Honors Program

Volunteer chair with FIMRC, Research Assistant in Dr. Wimmer’s Memory, Epigenetics, and Addiction laboratory studying the transgenerational effects of heroin and morphine use,
Member of Phi Delta Epsilon pre-med coed fraternity,
Volunteer at Grace Cafe (a soup kitchen in center city),
Employee in pediatric oncology at CHOP and an EMT with TUEMS!
I love to hike and walk dogs in Old City!

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