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Daniel K. Wepryk

1995 - 2017


Danny's Story

Daniel Kyle Wepryk was born on May 10, 1995.   He was a bundle of joy for his parents Jennifer and Dan.   Jennifer being a young mother was looking forward to her life with her new baby and he filled every day with joy.  He was walking at 8 months old and was ready to meet the world on his terms.   When he was a young boy, his mother was sick and Danny asked for a penny to throw into the fountain and said “I wish Mommy all better”.  Even as a child, Danny always cared about everyone else first. 

At 6 years old he met his future step-father Jack and those two created a bond that continues today in spirit.   Danny had two younger brothers, Giacomo and Dallas who he loved dearly.   He also had a step-brother Donato that was close in age to Dan.  

His greatest love was his girlfriend Rachel, who he would often say he loved to the moon and back.   Rachel stood by Danny every day and through his struggles.   She was his rock, his beacon of light that would guide him and keep him on the path.   She showed the COURAGE, STRENGTH AND HOPE that Dan needed to fight his battles.  

Danny loved music, traveling, fishing, lacrosse, the Flyers, Sixers & Phillies.   His favorite football team was the Dallas Cowboys.    He also loved his family and would be sure to see all of them during the holidays even though it meant driving most of the day.   He had a contagious smile and a great sense of humor.   When he walked into the room you knew Danny was there.   Those that knew Danny would say he was the kindest and sweetest young man.   He was the friend that everyone wanted to sleep over or hang out with.  

Throughout his life Danny would always go out of his way to help others.   He would stand up to bullies, he felt it was his duty to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.  He had the COURAGE to stand up for what was wrong in this world.   His heart was so big and had room for so many.   He always put other people first and wanted to help them succeed.   This was evident from the stories told by his friends while they were in recovery.   

Danny at 20 years old started the spiritual group while in Florida and recruited his friends to join. He found his STRENGTH through his higher power.   The group would meet on Friday mornings and he would lead the prayers and discussions.    Through this, he helped men who were much older than him get through the tough times and continue with their recovery.    They were amazed that a young man could help them so much.  

Danny also had HOPE that one day he could be free from his addiction.   His wished he could lead a normal life like other kids his age and one day start a family with Rachel.   He wanted the world to accept him and not judge him because of his disease.   He had HOPE that those suffering from addiction could be free from their pain.    

Daniel K. Wepryk left this world on June 19, 2017.   He is free from the pain caused by the disease of addiction and in heaven smiling down on all of us.   Through this foundation Danny will continue to help others and provide the COURAGE, STRENGTH AND HOPE they need to succeed.

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